How To Distinguish Real And Fake Jade Jewelry

How To Distinguish Real And Fake Jade Jewelry

Hello everyone, I am Richard, Branson’s special jadeite jewelry appraiser. I also gradually grew from a jade novice to an expert now. I have been engaged in jadeite rough trading and travel back and forth between China and Myanmar all year round. It has been twenty years now. I have suffered countless losses, but I have learned experience after all! In the past, the main energy may have been spent on material selection and processing, and few articles were specifically written to explain jade knowledge to everyone. Recently, I have encountered various questions raised by many customers. I feel it is necessary to provide everyone with some knowledge about jadeite. Let everyone understand jade truly and quickly.

Friends who want to know more about jade jewelry or raw jade stones can take 2 minutes to read this article patiently, which will help you:
1. Avoid pitfalls and waste money;
2. Learn more about the jade jewelry market and industry development trends;

How to distinguish true from false jade?

The following 3 steps can help you determine whether it is natural jade.
1. Listen to the sound: Tap the jadeite gently. The sound of natural jadeite is crisp and clear, while the sound of fake jadeite is dull.
2. Look at the color roots: The color distribution of natural jadeite has colored roots, which are unevenly distributed.
3. Look at the clarity: Natural jadeite will not be perfect and will contain a small amount of fibrous crystals inside.
As the saying goes, if the color is slightly different, the price difference is ten times. Among the colors, imperial green and sun green are the most valuable. Simply put, the more glamorous they are, the more expensive they are. Light green, apple green, and spinach green are usually not expensive. If the planting water is not high, You can buy it for a few hundred dollars.


How to choose jade?

1. Look at the species, water and color

Most of the jadeite currently on the market is produced in Myanmar, and the value of jadeite varies greatly depending on the quality. Judging the quality of jade mainly depends on the species, water, color, etc. The basic species of jade are: glass species, ice species, waxy species and bean species.

2. Look at the origin of jadeite

The raw jadeite produced in different mining areas in Myanmar is also different.

How to identify the price of jade?

As the saying goes, if the color is slightly different, the price will be ten times different. This is jadeite. Among the colors, Zhengyang green ranks first, while light green, blue-green, and spinach green are weaker.

Many times, they look similar, but the actual price differs greatly. It is generally recommended that customers give priority to the planting water, and then consider the color. The color material is very deep in the jade industry, and high planting water + high color = high price.

Why choose Branson for jade jewelry?

If you don’t know much about jade jewelry, you might be afraid of buying fake or expensive ones. Many unscrupulous merchants in the finished product market pass it off as good by injecting glue and pickling it.

1. Lower price

We all know that the finished product is processed from raw stones. After passing through countless middlemen, the price has already doubled several times. The raw stones are all delivered directly from the mining areas in Myanmar, with first-hand supply, directly to the hands of customers. If you buy raw stones and process jadeite by yourself, there are no middlemen. The price of jadeite has been reduced, and the price of jadeite of the same value is at least 70% cheaper than on the market.

2. Jade raw stone can be used for multiple purposes

A piece of raw jade stone = jade bracelet + jade ring + jade pendant. Finished jadeite can only be bought one by one, but when you buy raw jadeite, you can make multiple finished products from one raw stone. The corners, corners, and heart of the bracelet are all your own. Make the most of it.

3. Collection and investment value, room for appreciation

Usually in the industry we say "the value of every jadeite rough stone is immeasurable". A seemingly ordinary jadeite rough may turn out to be a set of high-quality jadeites with good quality and good germplasm after being cut.

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